» Zybert Services

» Remote Access

SPOK (Secure Portable Office Key) provides high security access to Zybert GEM Servers from remote locations either using a SPOK USB device or our android or IOS apps.

SPOK comes with Portable Applications allowing programs to be run directly from the key.

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» Email Management & Archiving

The Zybert product range uses Industry standard IMAP protocols and provides the simple means of archiving all your organisations emails.

Combined with the fully automated backup this ensures all critical communications are retrievable should they be required, an important feature particularly to professional service organisations.

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» Data Storage & Archiving

The First Automatic Continuity Solution For Small and Micro Enterprises

Maintaining data and information electronically is a must for businesses of all size and, with ever increasing legislative and compliance demands, it can be a nightmare for smaller organisations.

Zybert Data storage and archiving functions provide a seamless and continuous means of ensuring that information is complete and accessible at all times.

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» Backup & Recovery

Business continuity in the event of a disaster is a major problem for all businesses and organisations, but even simply errors of deleting or overwriting files can cause serious disruption.

The configuration of the Zybert Z1 GEM servers with mirrored disks provides immediate access to the last backed-up version of files so recovery is full and immediate In fact the whole system takes less than 5 minutes for a full system recovery with applications, settings and files completed automatically.

No manual intervention is necessary!

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» Private/Hybrid Cloud

The mobile revolution where accessing and sharing data and information is fast becoming the norm in our business expectations, but how do SME businesses embrace mobile working without compromising their security and privacy?

Cloud computing should be the answer to this problem.

However in order to do this must you  entrust your data/information to big multinationals with their cloud solutions where, inevitably, you data will sit alongside others in a data centre instead of under your control in your own office.

There is an affordable alternative.

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