» Working with Zybert

Zybert Computing allows resellers, suppliers and IT Consultants who focus on the SME market a real opportunity to offer their customers complete data care and security.. That is critical to those without an enterprise IT function to support them.

Zybert are continually looking to expand our Partner community. That could as a Technology Partner, engaged with all aspects of the sales cycle and customer relationship; or as a Sales Partners where the initial interest is referred to the Zybert Sales Team to progress.

All Partners benefit from:

  • Total Reliability – reduce time and effort on support to maximise profit and ensures customer retention
  • Easy To Deploy – simple to install and manage using existing knowledge and resources
  • Healthy Margins and Referral Fees – maximise your income
  • Product Training & Technical Support – start selling today with total confidence
  • Pre-Sales Support – we help close deals
  • Lead generation – on-going marketing campaigns

For more information use our contact page or call us on (0) 121 222 5457