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Established in 1997 Zybert Computing has focused on the development of network server solutions for the SME marketplace. Having established that the market was dominated by companies whose product offerings tend to be stripped-down versions of their enterprise products, we have focused on providing products that are specifically designed for the SME and SOHO market which have a wide range of features and are affordable.

The company, based in the West Midlands, has received a DTI Smart Award and Mustard Project funding to support the development of its Z1 utility server in recognition of the need to ensure that SMEs have the right products available to meet the Government’s UK Online targets. The new Z1 GEM server, eco-friendly, small and cute, attracted several excellent reviews in IT publications.

Our development team are used to working on highly innovative software and hardware solutions for mission-critical environments – such as nuclear physics research – and relate this experience to the requirements of SMEs for network solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption to their business. Solutions must deliver business benefits, products are scalable to meet changing business needs and are extremely reliable.

New products are developed continuously in response to reported requirements in different areas. The rack-mounted version of the Z1 GEM attracted a new group of customers. The previous success of the top-class performance storage server – the GridBox – led to the development of the new high performance storage device – GridBox GB5.

Working with resellers who also understand the needs of the SME market, we aim to provide ‘peace of mind’ solutions that function at the heart of a business without requiring additional in-house expertise